Muslim Brotherhood marks Oct. 6 War date with anti-military revolt. Gunmen attack Egyptian soldiers

Egyptian soldiers break up MB demonstration

Egyptian soldiers break up MB demonstration

Four people were killed and dozens injured Friday and Saturday when pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed with opponents and security forces in Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut and other Egyptian towns. In Cairo, gunfire from armored vehicles and tear gas were used to seal off the emblematic Tahrir Square against crowds rallied by the Brotherhood for the “Great Counter-Coup” to be launched on Oct. 6, the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war on Israel. During the week, unidentified gunmen attacked two military targets and killed five Egyptian soldiers.

The Brotherhood’s first major nationwide push to reverse the July 3 coup, which deposed Brotherhood President Mohamad Morsi, rests on five overt tactics, revealed here exclusively by DEBKAfile’s Middle East intelligence sources:

1. Millions of Egyptians across Egypt have received orders through secret channels of communications, including mosques and religious seminaries, to surprise the authorities with a sudden mass surge onto the streets on the appointed day, Sunday.

2. The focus for now is on outlying rural towns and villages – some with populations of a million or more – where army uniforms are thin on the ground. Unaided by the military, Egypt’s internal security troops are barely up to scratch and, in small places, local police forces are mostly under the thumbs of Muslim Brotherhood bosses.


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