NAACP pushes Gov. McCrory to reverse course on Medicaid and unemployment

The so-called “Moral Monday” movement is back.

The NAACP and other protesters made a fresh push Tuesday for Governor Pat McCrory and Republican lawmakers to reverse their decision to block Medicaid expansion and cut unemployment benefits.

Despite the new demands, McCrory is not backing down, but Moral Monday organizers insist they will keep pushing to change his mind.

The latest push came Tuesday morning; a group of about 50 organizers and supporters marched to the Governor’s offices at the old State Capitol to deliver a petition signed by over 3,000 North Carolinians.

The march came after a news conference at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church earlier in the day.

Speaker after speaker made the case for a special legislative session aimed at reversing this year’s decision cutting unemployment benefits.

They are also calling to reverse course on blocking expansion of the Medicaid program.

The legislature blocked the expansion despite that it is fully funded under the Affordable Care Act the first three years. The state would only pay 10 percent of the cost after that.


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