National Average Gas Prices

Current Avg.$4.432$4.794$5.072$5.560$3.841
Yesterday Avg.$4.418$4.777$5.062$5.557$3.832
Week Ago Avg.$4.279$4.639$4.921$5.510$3.716
Month Ago Avg.$4.083$4.497$4.773$5.019$3.544
Year Ago Avg.$3.028$3.346$3.618$3.150$2.548

Fraudulent elections have consequences but these consequences we now face are due to the fact that we allow them to continue their tyranny. As Biden and his handlers bleed the country dry as shown above, they continue to line their pockets with our treasure through their Ukrainian conduit.

I wonder what would happen if our military was awake instead of woke? It appears the penalty for adhering to your oath to the Constitution is now grounds for life in prison. Imagine if our active military did support the Constitution?


We will all be walking due to the consequences of the coup but we will still be fools for allowing our Liberty to be stolen. Let’s hope that we can put our foolishness away, turn back to God and restore our honor in His eyes.

David DeGerolamo

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tom finley
tom finley
2 days ago

Seek God in everything that you do, the modern-day religious leaders have failed their flocks. I ask forgiveness of my sins daily, in this human condition born into sin. The Lord Jesus Christ experienced our condition so that he could call us brothers, we are sinning right now against God with our cowardice.

Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
2 days ago

Biden said he would get millions of cars off the highway. What he didn’t say, was he was going to run the price of gasoline up to about $10 per gallon to do it. The collapse is upon us. Everyone, get rid of the normalcy bias.