NC House just overrode Veto of H.786 and turns against unemployed citizens

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

We have the third highest and worst unemployment rate in the entire nation.

The NC House just passed in effect a jobs bill for illegal immigrants.  It is a shameful day for the NC General Assembly.  This is a clear example that greed is alive and to hell with our unemployed citizens!

As the NC House just overrode Gov McCrory’s veto of H.786, claiming it helps farmers when in fact the waiver of all businesses not having to use E-Verify if their workers work less than nine full months a year is gutting protections for citizen workers who are unemployed.  A waiver was offered for farmers only but it was rejected.

President Obama won’t enforce federal immigration laws at the work site and our only state law, to protect new jobs for citizens just gutted today, means it will be relatively easy for companies to hire illegal immigrants with virtually no fear of being punished in North Carolina.

The NC Senate votes tomorrow but they are sure to join the NC House to override based on their earlier support of H.786 that was even stronger than the NC House.

I must point out that Democrats voted along with Republicans to void our state E-Verify law.  The Democrats want the future votes of illegals and are willing to turn on our unemployed citizens in the meantime, while “crying and weeping” in public over our state unemployment rate.  The Democrats want to keep people in poverty so they can promise them public benefits with your tax dollars in an attempt to get their votes.  It just makes me want to throw up.

With this vote, the Republicans in general have confirmed they believe the low-skilled and poor have no value.  They cut unemployment benefits and EITC and would not expand Medicaid, asserting this would nudge the unemployed to find work.  But if that were their intent, then why today would they make it easy for employers to hire illegals instead of citizens, when the low-skilled and poor actually do look for jobs.

After the veto override, Hispanic illegal immigrant advocacy group members were hugging Republican state Representative Warren for being the chief sponsor and advocate for H.786.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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