NC Listen – illegal immigrants are campaigning for Obama

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

Illegal immigrants are and have been campaigning for President Obama.   Sadly this is what happens when a sitting President offers himself as the weakest enforcer of our immigration laws AND recently decides to unlawfully grant a massive pardon (2 year amnesty and could be extended later) and work permits to over one million illegal immigrants residing in the USA.  It is bad enough that those illegally in our nation get to remain here, but for them to interfere in our election process is obscene.  The below excerpt was reported by FAIR.

We can’t vote but we can get people to vote who support our issues.  It’s our way to participate in this democracy,” said Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez of Brazil in one account about his effort as an illegal immigrant.

Earlier the Obama administration partnered with Mexico and used their databases to seek to provide food stamps to illegals and legal resident Mexican-Americans in our Country.  Again, this was an effort to curry favor with an ethnic group for votes, using our tax dollars in the process.   Not to mention that every tax dollar going to illegal immigrants in the way of social services, is one less dollar going to our legal resident poor and elderly poor.

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Ron Woodard

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