NC Republican Party Plays Politics with Our Second Amendment Rights

gun.fwAs the 2013 North Carolina legislative session draws to a close, Republican senators and representatives are in the process of thumbing their collective noses at those of us who worked so hard to elect them last November.

House Bill 937, which amends various firearms laws to allow concealed carry in restaurants, in assemblies for which admission is charged, on campuses, at parades and funerals, and much more, faces one final obstacle:  Intra-party Republican bickering between the NC House, Senate and Governor’s Mansion.

This is unacceptable.

Michael Howe, a legislative observer in Raleigh who was a guest last month on Freedom Forum Radio, wrote the following letter to Speaker Thom Tillis.  You should be aware that Speaker Tillis is asking for your support in his quest to be the GOP candidate in next year’s election against Kay Hagan for US Senate.


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