NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder

Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Lone Star Steakhouse
668 River Hwy
Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 799-3262
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Mark your calendar in advance: NCAR monthly business meetings take place on the first Saturday of every month. For those in attendance, please plan to buy a meal.

NCAR Citizens’ Court Updates

The Latest Information Concerning State Citizens’ New and Ongoing Court Challenges:

Christopher Pierce

Mecklenburg County
Superior Court:  First Appearance (“Cattle call”), September 2, 2014

Jerry Plemmons

Iredell County
Superior Court:  On Appeal, Appearance Date September 16, 2014

Lincoln County
District/Admin Court:  First Appearance, August 15, 2014

Milo Townsend

Stanly County
Superior Court:  Ongoing Appeal, Continued to October 6, 2014

District Court:  First Appearance (“Cattle call”), August 12, 2014

    Admin Court:  First Appearance, August 21, 2014

** Please visit the North Carolina Republic’s Website and Facebook page

If you’re able, please come out and support these citizens and/or consider making a donation toward the NCAR Legal Fund. These donations go directly toward any expenses our citizens have when going into court. No amount is too small! Your help is greatly appreciated. (If you’d like to make a payment by check or money order, please reply to this email for instructions.)

Now is the time for all of us to step up, and get our country back.

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