NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder

NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder
Saturday, May 2, 2015 — 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Firewater Restaurant
8708 JW Clay Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28262
(I-85 & WT Harris Blvd at Exit 45)

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We have resumed our first Saturday meeting schedule!  The NCAR monthly meeting will start at 11:00 AM in Charlotte, NC at the Firewater Restaurant in the Lake Room. The NCAR General Assembly gathers on the first Saturday of every month to conduct the official business of the state. The meeting is also open to citizens and interested persons.

The business portion of the meeting will begin promptly at noon and will end at 2:00 PM. If you are planning to attend and are interested in carpooling, please visit our ride-share page to request/offer a ride in your area.

Also, please be prepared to purchase a meal; the lunch menu is served from 11AM-4PM.

Citizens In Court

All are welcome to attend public courts to support these state citizens challenging the de factoState. If you live in either area – and are available – please do so to learn more about andwitness a crucial part of our process by asserting rights lost under the coercing of the 14th Amendment!

Milo Townsend
19 MAY 2015 – 9AM – Stanly County – District [#400]
26 MAY 2015 – 9AM – Stanly County – Superior [#401]
201 S Second St Street – Albemarle – NC – 28002 | Map

We Need Your Help
New Meeting Location Needed!We have been actively searching for a new meeting location which would be more conducive to fit our unique needs. Ideally, we would like to make a connection with a local like-minded business owner who would be open to the NCAR using his or her conference room or building for these monthly meetings. Since we have attendees who travel from all over the state, we would prefer something centrally located, but are certainly open to entertaining other options.

How You Can Help
As a subscriber to this newsletter, you probably fall into one of these categories, and we would appreciate any assistance or leads you can provide to help us find a new meeting location:

  • As a citizen, officer, or supporter of the NCAR: please put us in contact with any like-minded business owners who you believe would be supportive of our cause, and who would be willing to meet with a couple of our leaders to discuss the possibility of using their business space for our once-a-month meetings. Please pass along these contact leads, and any other ideas you have regarding meeting locations to the NCAR Task Force by simply replying to this email (or send a direct email to
  • As a business owner: do you have a location which could accommodate these meetings for two hours, once a month, or know someone who does? We would like to hear from you. Contact the NCAR Task Force by replying to this email, and be sure to include your contact information (name, email, location, and phone number).
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