NCAR Response and Clarification to Asheville Tribune

As you may know, the North-Carolina American Republic was recently featured on the front page of the Asheville Tribune. The article was thorough and informative, however one major point was missed in the report. Below you will find a letter to the editor from NCAR Chief Magistrate, John Ainsworth which attempts to clarify the foundational existence of the North-Carolina American Republic.

To: Managing Editor | Asheville Tribune

Thank you for reporting on this issue that is so vitally important not only to the state of North Carolina, but to our entire country. We appreciate that you too find this newsworthy and are grateful to have been given such a prominent position in your recent publication.

In order for you and your readers to have a better understanding of this issue we would like to clarify our position. The title of your article clearly states “Is North Carolina a lawful state?” This is exactly what we are asking the courts and is exactly what we can prove, in that the current state of North Carolina in operation today was in fact created unlawfully/unconstitutionally.

We are not, however, fighting “the ratification of the 14th amendment.” The ratification of the 14th amendment did not make the current state of North Carolina unlawful; the Reconstruction Acts did. The article is correct in saying that the 14th amendment did in fact convert all state citizens to national citizens; however it would not have had the power to do so without the Reconstruction Acts.  It is a common misconception that North Carolina was “readmitted” into the Union. North Carolina was already considered to be back in the union, as can be seen in the state’s passage of the 13th amendment. When North Carolina then later rejected the 14th amendment, congress used measures of force and coercion to annul the original state and create a new state (body politic) with an entirely different citizenry. This is the state of North Carolina which is widely recognized today, and is the state which we do not recognize as being lawfully created. There are irrefutable facts which prove that this unlawful state moved in and claimed rightful “ownership” of the soil and territory.

A good analogy of this would be the following:

We own our home and have a clear chain of title to prove it if our ownership was ever questioned. Let’s say that the government decides to send in a police force to come in and take over the “ownership” of our home. They allow us to live in one bedroom only. They set up new rules that we must follow, and we are only allowed out in the main house as long as we comply with these “laws”. Let’s say this goes on for years and years. We adapt to this new set up and make the best of it, because let’s face it: if we were to rebel against the “occupiers” we would be punished. But finally someone stands up and says, “We need to remember this is OUR house, OUR land – we own it and have the lawful chain of title to prove it! Let’s take our house back.” We begin to “break the laws” of the house in order to bring forth the truth that our house was stolen from us and is now occupied by thieves. Our neighbors, friends, and family have all but forgotten that we own the house and think that we are “lawbreakers” when in fact it was our house to begin with.

This is in essence what has happened to North Carolina, along with the rest of our country. We believe we have a right to reclaim what was stolen from us by the same people who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution. Through the educational vehicle of America’s Remedy and through our re-establishment and subsequent re-inhabiting of the original state of North Carolina (NCAR), we are taking our state back. This legal argument which we bring is a peaceful, counter-revolution to that revolution which took place over 140 years ago.

We are hopeful that the above clarifications are beneficial to you and your readers. Thank you again for your time and for your attention to our cause.

Yours In Liberty,
John Ainsworth
Chief Magistrate
North-Carolina American Republic


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