New Jersey doctor dies of Covid on trip to India — After getting both Pfizer shots in USA

Rajendra Kapila’s wife, Dr. Deepti Saxena-Kapila, told the Hindustan Times that he had received both Pfizer vaccine doses in the U.S. before heading to India.


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1 month ago

Ha. Ha. Ha. Darwin Award for this dot-head cow-worshiper.
It is possible, that he caught a Variant of the Disease, that the ‘vaccine’ was not designed for… like the so-called ‘flu vaccine’ that is Admitted to have only a 50% chance of matching the Flu that you catch.
HAHAHAHAHA Who am I Fooling!?!? This is a Good Example of the ‘vaccine’ being the Biowar Precussor that sets you up to catch and Die from the Biowar Disease….

1 month ago

Shame, he should have known better.