North Carolina Constitutions Show What We Have Lost

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To further explain, this graphic of NC state constitutions helps to show the delineation between the two different states called North Carolina. The second constitution shown here is a continuation of the first — the same state. However, when we compare the second to the third we see the discontinuation of the old political body and the creation of a new political body.

This new political body represented by the 1868 Constitution was not the original body of state citizens, but all U.S. (national) citizens residing on the soil. The latter constitution does not represent the citizens who were, by congressional decree, disenfranchised as a result of participating in the war (a bill of attainder, by the way; also highly unconstitutional). This 1868 Constitution was not a change or adoption produced by the consent of the people of North Carolina. It was a new creation produced by congress unlawful annulling of the original state’s government and their re-peopling the state over again with a new body that would be loyal to what Federalist 39 referred to as national “indefinite supremacy”. In short, it was the creation of a national, and the whole thing was based upon about 15 violations of the Constitution. (1)


h/t Cliff Muncy

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4 years ago

So, even back in 1868 there was no voting our way out of this mess?