North Carolina Historians Jailed for Protesting Voting Rights Abuses, Regressive Policies

The attempted changes by the Tea Party in North Carolina (the less crazy Carolina) have inspired a growing outbreak of civil disobedience meant to draw attention to the insanity. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing much about this in the corporate media. Via Addicting Info:

Four months ago, Tea Party candidates took over the state government–both chambers of the General Assembly, as well as the governorship. Together, the newly elected office holders have been hellbent on eviscerating every social program they can get their hands on in the name of doing “the people’s business.” Among the proposals that have been introduced are a $200 million cut to state universities, shortening early voting, totally eliminating both Sunday voting and same-day voters’ registration, easing environmental restrictions on fracking, cutting benefits to the unemployed (already signed into law), refusing federal dollars for Medicaid expansion for the poor, and–oh, yeah–establishing an official state religion.


h/t Maureen W

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