North Carolina Is Being Blackmailed


William Barber, NC NAACP President, has acknowledged that “Moral Mondays” are not a “spontaneous action.” He said that the seeds of the recent protests were first sowed  when he and others formed a coalition of liberal groups called Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ). In 2013, HKonJ became the coordinating umbrella organization for the groups protesting at Moral Mondays. But as I have noted, it might be more appropriate to call “Moral Mondays” – “Money Mondays.” Here’s why.

A Civitas study shows that HKonJ affiliated groups have received more than $100 million in direct state grants in recent years. These include $33 million for the Community Development Initiative, $20 million for the Minority Support Center, and $17.5 million for the North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development.


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David Forward
David Forward
8 years ago

From the article: “And as state legislators move to address rampant waste and debt in state government – something the people of North Carolina elected them to do – liberal groups fear that they are about to lose their spot at the public trough.”

I think the use of the term “blackmailed” is incorrect — NC is being conned, manipulated and/or otherwise defrauded by typically corrupt activists for “truth and justice” (progressive style truth and justice!).