North Carolina Is Out of Compliance with International Law

The following video outlines the viewpoint of real democracy voiced at the SEIU bus tour in Raleigh, NC on February, 2011. The speaker’s contention that North Carolina is out of compliance with international law since collective bargaining is illegal in our state shows their support for One World Order. His reference to Jim Crow laws is strange since these laws were a direct consequence of the Wilmington Insurrection in 1898 that established the Democrat party’s dominance in our state until just last year.


I firmly believe that we are seeing the beginning of the Jasmine Revolution in our country. In less than one week, this protest movement has spread from Wisconsin to over twenty states. See how effective community organizing can be with the help of the president and the DNC.

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

Out of Compliance with International Law ? As long as we’re in compliance with our national and state constitutions we’re good to go. This speaker can take international law and stick it where the sun shines.

10 years ago

…. and no I didn’t say that wrong. Considering the amount of time those people spend bent over, that’s exactly where the sun does shine.