North Carolinians Stand Up Against the Governor

North Carolinians stood up for the United States Constitution protesting our governor’s comment this past week calling for the suspension of Congressional elections in 2012. The protest was held in Raleigh at the Governor’s Mansion.

A diverse crowd of patriots came from across the state to give Gov. Bev a direct message: do not violate the Constitution. We had people from the Crystal Coast at one end of the state and Asheville at the other end attend this protest (this is a distance of over 350 miles). If North Carolina would have a recall amendment, I doubt the governor would have made such a reckless comment. but both political parties are blocking this legislation. Although the media and the governor have tried to downplay this comment as a joke, the audio tape tells a different story. Here is the video of the protest and interviews:


We may do protests differently in North Carolina than New York but that is because this is a right to work state and we don’t listen to labor unions, we stand up to them. That is why we sang God Bless America, pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States and said a prayer for our military. God Bless North Carolina, our US Constitution and our republic.

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

Where is the outrage from our US Congress, or even NC Legislature?

Are we witnessing “R”epublican statists hoping to retain power through suspended elections ?

I suggest you email the URL of this article with the subject “Where is the Outrage” to all your elected representatives.

AND please send it to ASKRAJ@GBTV.COM

Bev’s bad behavior needs more attention.

Visibility …

Rob Dean
Rob Dean
10 years ago

Just happy to see our schizo governor really screw up, big time. Bye Bev! We are very happy to see you go! Now, just leave before you are indicted and prosecuted for your crimes.