North Korea Renounces Non-Aggression Pact

North Korea says ‘prepare for war’

North Korea’s leader placed his army on readiness to “annihilate the enemy” on Friday as the regime officially renounced all non-aggression pacts with its southern neighbour.

Kim Jong-un escalated his inflammatory response to a new round of United Nations sanctions by ordering troops on the border with South Korea to prepare for war.

But China, North Korea’s only powerful ally, publicly urged “calm and restraint”.

Mr Kim chose a highly sensitive location for his address to North Korean troops, visiting military positions facing the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, where a North Korean bombardment killed four people and wounded 19 in 2010.


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8 years ago

north korea is in bed with china,,and obama is borrowing their condoms , what does one expect to happen?

Richard S.
Richard S.
8 years ago

The problem is that they have been saber rattling for years now and as always have done nothing. We used to get all keyed up over it and now all of us just kind of say….Meh.

Boiled from syndrome.

One of these times they are going to be done rattling and strike. Personally, were’n I the President I wouldn’t put up with this crap. Fire a few shots across their bow to let them know we aint gonna put up this crap.