Little Boy’s WWII Birthday Cupcakes Confiscated by School


h/t John P

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Richard S.
Richard S.
8 years ago

This has GOT to stop!

I am going to keep my eyes open for any local stories of the same thing happening. Dave, can you do the same? Let me know if you hear or see anything happening like this in NC?

Fed up
Fed up
8 years ago

Where I am the parents and children know how to raise boys into men still. Last year the Jr. High had a knife sale. The procedes went to the sports program. Many kids in this area shoot their first deer at 8 years old along side of their parent or grand parent. I am in a secret location that if I mention where it is then we’ll have those asshole liberals interfearing with the Pledge of Aligance held every morning in schoool. God Bless America Again, Please. good luck to the rest of you. Put your foot down or in their butt and stop this sissification by the liberals.