Not So Fast, Iran May Have to Wait Its Turn

The United States may initiate another “right to protect” kinetic action in Syria before addressing the Iran nuclear threat.  The Washington Post is reporting on the new revelation of Syrian weapons of mass destruction crafted by Hillary Clinton:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the nation’s top military leader delivered a sober assessment Wednesday of Syria’s sophisticated air defenses and its extensive stockpile of chemical weapons in a strategic reality check to the demand for U.S. military action to end President Bashar Assad’s deadly crackdown on his people.

Russia Today has a similar article concerning Syria’s arsenal falling to “the wrong hands”. But this was written in  August, 2011. John McCain is calling for a war on Syria on the floor of the senate after the Muslim Brotherhood forces have been severely marginalized. So why now? After Assad has taken back control, 7500 “rebels” have been killed and the United Nations is once again shown to be impotent? Does Leon Panetta want an excuse to eliminate Tartus and the Russian surveillance system? Or is this simply another subterfuge to misdirect our attention from Iran, gas prices, inflation, etc.

David DeGerolamo

Top US danger rating for Syrian chemical-biological missiles – ahead even of Iran 

US military officials said on Wednesday, March 7, that contrary to the prevailing impression, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed not only their dispute over an attack on Iran at their White House meeting on March 5, but devoted considerable attention to the Syrian crisis, focusing on the hundreds of surface-to-surface missiles armed with chemical and biological warheads possessed by Syria. The peril of the Assad regime launching them now tops America’s chart of the threats looming over Israel and Turkey, those sources told DEBKAfile.

The US president accordingly prevailed upon his Israeli guest to hurry up and patch up relations with Turkey, which he was willing to assist, because it would take a combined US-Turkish-Israeli military effort to ward off an attack by Syria’s poisoned missiles. Indeed, if the Syrian conflict is not solved, America might be forced to turn its missile shield against Bashar Assad’s missiles before they are needed against an Iranian attack.

The hazard could be accelerated by three elements, say American sources:

1. Assad might decide to respond with extreme violence to foreign military intervention in Syria, even an operation confined only to drawing the civilian population into security zones safe from the attacks of his security services.

On Tuesday, March 6, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan reverted to his call for security zones, and last week, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered humanitarian aid to Syria’s beleaguered civilian population. Both such actions, say the American sources, might well be taken by Assad as provocations deserving of reprisal by missiles – first those carrying chemical warheads, then biological ones.

Minister of Home Front Defense Matan Vilnai said Tuesday when he dedicated 14 public shelters at the two largest Druze communities in the Carmel district, Daliat al-Carmel and Usufiya, that “the Haifa district of the Home Front command is expected to be very important in the next war and we anticipate that hundreds of missiles will be fired at the home front.”

These shelters can accommodate 3,000 people.


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