Now We Know Why John Boehner Cries So Much

Operation Cojones

Gayle Nyberg’s excellent idea — send John Boehner some balls.

 Folks, I received the email below from Gayle Nyberg, the designer and seamstress of the first Three Percent flag. It is an outstanding idea, and one I hope will be duplicated far beyond the readership of this little blog.
Fellow Patriots,

So simple everyone can easily get behind this project.

If you are as disappointed in John Boehner as Speaker of House as we are, I hope you will jump aboard this campaign to let him know how we feel about his gutless performance.
Operation Cajones involves printing the attached letter. Sign and send that letter along with a pair of Fuzzy Pompoms (balls) to Speaker Boehner, at the following address:

Office of the Speaker
The Capitol Washington, DC 20515

“Look, everybody! One of John’s balls fell out. Hell, John, I didn’t know you had any.”

Here is the text of the letter:

Operation Cojones
An Outreach to Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner,

I have become increasingly frustrated of late, as you seem to lack the necessary courage and fortitude to pursue any number of actions that would lead the Congress to stopping the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this President.

Recognizing that perhaps your time in Washington has either removed or dramatically shrunk those essential apparatus from whence much courage and boldness spring, it is my humble hope that you will accept the enclosed prosthetic replacements for your own natural ones that clearly have atrophied to uselessness.

Please take these tokens and keep them in your pocket and at any time you feel the urge to cave in, cry, or give yet another pass to this budding tyrant, just reach into your pocket and caress these substitutes so you might be comforted in knowing you now have a big fuzzy pair.

Hope this helps.

Yours truly,

Boehner Balls.

Gayle continues:

I was able to buy a bag of 100 at our local Hobby Lobby store for $4.99. I will now take this bag of pompoms, along with a stack of the printed letters and addressed envelopes to our next Tea Party to pass out.

This could have an impressive impact on the Speaker as he receives 100’s of pairs from around the nation.

Please do your part to encourage those in your circle to make this mission a huge fuzzy success!

We will be notifying the press wherever possible, to hopefully pick up on this effort.
Please respond back as you send yours off, so that I can get some kind of idea of the numbers.

Thanks for your help!

Pass it on.

Gayle Nyberg
Eunice/Hobbs, NM
Patriots of Lea County (new site)

also on Facebook
“I didn’t think anybody noticed I was ball-less.”

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9 years ago

Don’t Stop! Go after Boehner and the rest of the old republican gaurd. The tea party MUST defeat the NWO