Obama – less deportation, but DHS hires advocate for illegals

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

In the “it’s even hard to believe President Obama went this far” category the unbelievable is becoming even more unbelievable.  Obama actually hired a person (with our tax dollars of course) at the Dept of Homeland Security to be an advocate for illegal immigrants.  This employee advocates on behalf of illegal immigrants who are upset with DHS.  The US Congress denied the money for the position in this year’s budget and Obama simply reclassified the job title…….and the nonsense goes on.

New head of DHS, Jeh Johnson, says he is moving forward to make sure DHS (as you know ICE and immigration services are under DHS) is ready to implement an amnesty, should it later become law.   He has directed Deputy Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, to begin preparations…..this is same person who is currently under investigation for improperly granting visas when he earlier worked at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Obama administration has recently weakened a federal law prohibiting those who provide material support to organizations or persons involved in terrorist activity from being admitted to the USA.

The deportation numbers provided by the Dept of Homeland Security, with their executives nominated by President Obama, are phony and misleading.  Many of the deportation numbers include persons caught at the border or trying to cross the border.

The fraud involved with political asylum claims is so bad even DHS is finally upset.  An internal audit shows at least 70 per cent of political asylum claims are fraudulent or based in part on fraud.  A House Judiciary Committee found DHS is not detaining asylum applicants despite an explicit requirement that they be held pending an adjudication of their claims. I’m sure we are all confident President Obama will get to the bottom of this and fix it…..

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