Obama Outlaws Precursors – Stock Up Now

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Obama has issued another executive order outlawing some chemical precursors. The list will expand as necessary since the camel’s nose is now under the tent.

(b) Within 90 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Agriculture shall develop a list of potential regulatory and legislative proposals to improve the safe and secure storage, handling, and sale of ammonium nitrate and identify ways in which ammonium nitrate safety and security can be enhanced under existing authorities.

The effort to limit our 2nd amendment rights (and duties) was stopped but let’s review the president’s check list:

1. Buy ammunition to raise prices, limit supply and stockpile for a civilian police force equal to the military: check

2. Presidential kill list: check

3. Patriot Act renewal: check

4. NDAA eliminating our Constitutional rights: check

5. NSA surveillance eliminating our Constitutional rights: check

6. Elimination of all whistle blowers under the guise of national security and threats: check

7. Elimination of rogue media by murdering Michael Hastings: check

8. Successful coverup in Benghazi for gunrunning to Syria and establishment of the next Caliphate: check

9. Successful coverups for Fast & Furious, IRS targeting and US drone strikes as “phony scandals”: check

10. Vacation for a job well done: check and check

I miss America but I will not forget.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Western Rifle Shooters Association

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fed up
fed up
7 years ago

11. Turn Christian principal founded nation into a Muslim nation.
12. Suspend rights granted under guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
13. Allow government to reduce US military power.
14. Fail to keep promises made during campaigning for the office of the president.
15. Get away with ever producing documentation of being a natural born citizen.
The list goes on, some one else can continue please.