Obama releases five more Gitmo prisoners overnight

U.S. military guards walk within Camp Delta military-run prison, at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba, June 27, 2006. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

President Obama released five more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base overnight, Fox News reported. They were held for more than a decade and were sent to resettle in Kazakhstan.

Fox News also reported an expensive school will be built at Guantanamo Bay costing $65 million dollars.



$65 million fore 130 prisoners is $500,000 per “student”. I suspect that if we gave them each the money with the stipulation that they never attack the US, it would be better spent. But then we would not need the guards for the hen house.

David DeGerolamo

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Stephen Hahn
6 years ago

Did obama have them REARMED before he released them?