Obama turns to climate change

President Obama is looking to cement his legacy on climate change.

His administration will finalize sweeping new regulations on power plants on Monday, which is sure to spark a fight with Republicans in Congress.

In a video released early Sunday, Obama called the plan “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.”


Is this a diversion for the pResident’s announced plan to implement gun control, Iran’s treaty, the IRS scandal, Benghazi or the impending economic collapse? Will this be another executive order that will not be challenged by an impotent Congress? When a politician tells us a “fact”, the only fact is that they are lying.

Civilizations are measured by their ability to produce energy. Energy equals freedom. But the converse is also true: the control of energy equals slavery. Which is why the governments want to control the production of energy. Do you know the state of coal production in the United States? No nuclear power plants have been built in over 40 years. Existing nuclear plants are reaching the end of their life cycles. The oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are gone. The only “fact” that saved this country is shale oil production. Which is now being shut down due to “financial” requirements to produce at a loss and “market forces” driving the price of oil down worldwide.

The government’s solution only solution to date was an illegal transfer of billions of dollars to “green energy” manufacturers which failed. This plan will be part II.

David DeGerolamo

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Doug Shetron
6 years ago

From what I remember, it cost over $80 a barrel for drillers to break even for fracked oil. It is below $60 a barrel now. Just like Gold and Silver, they are manipulating, they are driving the price of oil downward to make it a financial hardship to pull fracked oil out of the ground. IMHO