Obama Will Have More Blood on His Hands

It’s now clear that the decision to arrest Zimmerman and put him on trial — which again, came 44 days after Zimmerman was questioned and released — was, unconscionably, a political response to pressure from a race-obsessed president and his attorney general and the racial arsonists like Sharpton with whom they run.

This was rank corruption of our justice system to engineer a politically correct verdict, and it’s a frighteningly bad omen for the rule of law in this country.

If this president truly respects the law, he will reinject himself into this case — only, this time by asking everyone to respect the actual facts and evidence in the case and let them prevail over emotional assumptions, in order to defuse any violence from occurring as the case against Zimmerman further disintegrates.

This is what a responsible president would do.

But we’re not holding our breath he’ll do the right thing. Still, one thing is for sure: Any blood from planned race rioting will be on his hands.


h/t Roger K

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