Obamanation Consequences

What is the punishment for treason? It seems the current administration will not drain the swamp. Prove me wrong. Please.

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

I would not give all the credit to Obama, but I am sure he encouraged it.
I lived in MN from 1990 until 2004. I worked in downtown MInneapolis. The first Somalis arrived in the 80’s. then with the help of Lutheran And Catholic Refugee organizations paid for with your and my generous taxes 10s of thousands were brought in. They were resettled in the city and suburbs. And given every accommodation they asked for. It continues today.
The Bush years allowed them to send money home to Somalia while they enriched their lives with govt. subsidies.
Think about it.

1 year ago

David, you are not wrong. The current administration never intended to drain the swamp. That was clear when President Trump appointed his cabinet that was made up entirely of CFR, Goldman Sachs, global corporate lobbyist, Rockefeller, Rothschild swamp people. The Brotherhood of Darkness controls the perceptions, narrative and both the Democrat communist and the Republican International socialist parties, so we the peasants / sheep always get to chose / vote between the better of two evils. But make no mistake, the choice is still evil.

There has been many articles in the CFR Journal outlining in detail how 3rd world immigration was planned and used as a tool to destroy the uSA as a nation and eventually to be placed under total control of a world government.

Unless American’s cast off the CIA managed media mind control, so they can clearly see and understand what is happing to them, the states, and the country, then darkness will prevail. I am afraid at this stage voting will not prevent the darkness that is rapidly overcoming America.

Too many people now depend on government for their livelihood. These people are mostly low IQ non productive people. Their faith is in the government / man. They demand free food, free income, free vaccines, free college, free abortions, free sex changes. They get on their knees to kiss the shoes of BLM. They hate the traditional family and western culture. They are soulless beings that have turned their backs on God. There can be no favorable future for the economy and the country with these low IQ, lazy non productive Godless people. Intuitively we all recognize this fact.

1 year ago

We the People are in such deep shit. Revolution may not succeed, but it is now our only hope for saving the country (and perhaps the only hope for saving ourselves and our families from a new age of darkness). We can talk tough stuff all we want, but without some national leadership and organization we are just scattered disordered ineffectual individuals. I have been waiting for a few publicly recognizable leaders to step up and call for revolution to try save the country. Where the hell are they? I’m no such leader. But I can think of a half-dozen or so that, if they called for revolution, people would follow, I would follow. The first American Revolution had a host of them: Henry, Payne, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and more. It seems that right now the obvious ones, the natural leaders, the already-positioned ones, are too busy selling books and being professional commentators. No leaders out there willing to pledge their ‘lives, fortunes, and sacred honor’. So, it looks like we won’t all hang together and maybe prevail. Instead we’ll all hang separately and lose -- -- lose our liberty, lose our country, lose civilization. Someone give me some real-world hope, ok? Not bullshit rhetoric, something real.

1 year ago
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