On Black Guns


I went to a garden shop yesterday for some supplies. The owner told me that he was out but expecting a shipment (no, it was no potassium nitrate).

He asked for a card to call me when the supplies came in . I gave him one of my CADD Graphics AR-15 cutout cards expecting the usual “cool” response.

Instead, he started to lecture me on why automatic rifles are not necessary for hunting and “black guns” are “bad”. When I asked what an AR-15 had to do with hunting, he did not have an answer other than “people use them to shoot deer on the run”.

Since the man was not sentient, I did not engage him further. The media and government would have been proud. As for me, one less business that I will be supporting in the future.

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

Oh, that’s SOOOOO RACIST !

I believe we need a government program to deal with aberrant behavior.

Perhaps a program of Affirmative Action, i.e. positive discrimination policies that factor color into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group.

Therefore I propose an ACT to REQUIRE ALL WEAPONS PURCHASES will be made based upon weapon color (preference to black) until such time that the ratio of black to non-black weapons is equivalent to the ratio of black to non-black people living upon the earth.

Yeah, that ought to fix things …