One Disease to Rule Them All

I really should be able to let the chart above stand alone as is with zero commentary but since we clearly live in an Age of Degeneracy in the midst of a Pandemic of Stupidity, I will write a few clarifying paragraphs for the millions of people out there incapable of producing a single independent belief separate from the thoughts they are ordered to believe by the ruling oligarch class.

In the past, morally lost “journalists” like Bill McCarthy of have ranted against anyone that challenged the oligarch narrative about the extreme danger of the current virus that has inspired politically-charged global economic lockdowns, by writing an article in which he claimed he debunked widely circulating survival rates for the virus by age demographic in the United States that contradicted everything the mass media in America was stating about the virus’s danger and seriousness. As I don’t know why Bill McCarthy would take such a stance as I’ve never met the man, I can only speculate about his motivations to do so, whether it may be to receive a promotion and higher future pay by reinforcing a false oligarch narrative, or whether he may have a tacit order to do so. His motivation behind his actions is irrelevant to the fact that his actions are repugnant and immoral because it represents a complete shirking of duties as a journalist to determine the truth and report the truth to the people instead of degenerately choosing to deliberately mislead everyone.

How can I prove the above statements? In two words – Very easily. McCarthy reported in the linked article above that he spoke to two people that worked for the CDC and was informed  that the CDC produces no such viral survival statistics by age demographic, and upon hearing this, wrote an article stating that all circulating rates of survival that show almost no risk to anyone under the age of 65 was completely false. However, the fact that he never went to the source itself to “debunk” something he believed was untrue, displays intent. If you were arguing this case in a court of law, to prove intent, one would ask, if this journalist really wanted to know if the CDC produced data that would allow for the calculation of survival rates, what would you do as a human being with any common sense, and especially if you are an alleged trained journalist? The self-evident answer is the following: Visit the CDC’s website and search for any data that allows for the calculation of survival rates from infection by age demographic. If you do not do this, then you have proved successfully in a court of law, that there was zero intent to discover if the claimed survival statistics, provided by CDC data, were true or false.

I visited the CDC’s website. It took me all of ten minutes to find the CDC produced data that allowed me to calculate survival statistics by age demographic in two categories:

  1. Survival statistics by age groups for all Americans that tested positive for the virus and were labelled as “infected”; and
  2. Survival statistics by age groups for all Americans, both “infected” and non-infected.


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51 years ago

What should be noted here is that the deaths include all the falsely reported deaths also. So the death rate is considerably lower. I would like to see the numbers of dollars paid out to the family and medical field for having someone die of “COVID-19” and the extra money for being/putting people on a respirator.

Sadly the author is right. People are plain flat stupid. The numbers were there since the beginning. Between the US aircraft carrier and the cruise ships, you could see what the outcome was. Then the lies being told by everyone in government. It all adds up. They know the people have an average IQ of 76.

I would have said below 75, but the mentally retarded have a legitimate excuse. The rest do not.

Last edited 19 days ago by tangle
19 days ago
Reply to  tangle

Went to the site and read the article. The author did state it. I stand corrected.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
19 days ago

In time truth will always surface. Unfortunately, there are many people that have limited analytical ability. You can identify such people by the fact that they are wearing a face mask that provides no protection against a virus.
Other secondary characteristics that can be used to identify people with limited to no analytical skills are:

  • city, county, state, federal, NGO, CDC, WHO, BLM, Antifa employees
  • have blue, green or pink color hair
  • have body or nose rings
  • sexually confused
  • fear firearms
  • fear freedom
  • fear personal responsibility
  • fear people who are productive
  • member of the Sunrise organization
  • member of the climate religious cult
  • watch or listen to government controlled media
  • despise Christians
Otis D
Otis D
19 days ago

The mask is to signal your subservience to the state.

18 days ago

There you go again, peddling inconvenient truths. Lefty heads will explode.

matthew w
18 days ago

Completely bogus numbers.
500,000 have NOT died of the China Wuhan Virus.
There were NOT 25 million cases
The PCR test when over cycled will almost guarantee a false positive
Anyone testing “positive” was called a “case”