One Graphic to Consider

The correlation between transportation and future economic activity shown above foreshadows a short time frame for an economic downturn. The shipping industry has been collapsing due to a surplus of large cargo and tanker ships for several years. How will this impact you? Go to your local Wal-mart and look at the shelves. Our system of just in time inventory is already causing shortages in stores. And increases in the cost of items in demand. But even these factors do not account for the shortages for ammunition and firearms.

Fear + Inventory Shortages = Hyperinflation

We have seen the price of gasoline double in four years. We have seen the price of ammunition double in four months. As the economy falters and the president’s proposed budget receives poor reviews, your retirement accounts are in the crosshairs.

David DeGerolamo

WTO cuts 2013 trade forecast after record slow growth in 2012

The World Trade Organization slashed its forecast for global trade growth in 2013 to 3.3 percent from 4.5 percent on Wednesday and said 2012 saw only a 2.0 percent increase, the smallest annual rise since records began in 1981.

WTO Director General Pascal Lamy warned that 2013 could turn out worse than expected, especially because of risks from the euro crisis, and countries might try to restrict trade further in a desperate attempt to shore up growth.

“The threat of protectionism may be greater now than at any time since the start of the crisis, since other policies to restore growth have been tried and found wanting,” he said.
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