Operation Outreach

christian mercenary

by T.L. Davis

Harry Reid says that “it’s not over” at the Bundy Ranch. Truer words were never spoken, thanks for the heads-up Harry. We know how these Marxists ghouls operate: it is never about the issues up front; it is about sheer, raw force and right now little Harry feels a bit impotent and chagrined at having been caught pulling a fast one. Harry isn’t used to having his dirty little deals exposed for the world to see. I suppose he got a few phone calls over the Bundy Ranch affair and feels the need to make a point, which is always the same. You heard it from J. Paul Vance in Connecticut: “I am the master.” What then does that make of us…slaves?

Yes, that is exactly who we are and the government has thousands of overseers with whips and rifles to make sure we never forget it. They ride herd with all the power and all the advantages a wealthy nation can provide. To them, we are but livestock being herded through life to serve them and provide for them…and to kneel before them.


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Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
8 years ago

Harry Reid and most of the other politicians that exist today get their marching orders from those who we do not see. The “three letter” government agencies exist to protect these people. These “three letter” agencies recently demonstrated their allegiance by hacking into the all powerful oversight chairwoman Senator Feinstein of California. So who is the real enemy, and how do we rid ourselves of their chains?