Organizing for Action Celebrates Amnesty

Organizing for Action

Friend —

Today, the Senate made us proud — passing a bipartisan bill for comprehensive immigration reform with a whopping 68 votes.

That’s incredible, and just one more piece of evidence that proves that what OFA volunteers are doing is paying off.

Now, we turn our attention to passing reform in the House — this is our moment. In the coming weeks, we need to do all we can to make sure our representatives hear our voices.

We won’t get this moment back — step up and join the fight to get immigration reform through the House.

There’s no question we’re facing a steep climb in Speaker Boehner’s House of Representatives.

Just a few weeks ago, 237 members of the House actually voted to effectively deport millions of DREAMers — immigrant children whose parents brought them to this country.

Those same representatives have a tough choice to make — change their ways and join the efforts to fix our broken immigration system, grow our economy, and reduce our deficit — or continue to pursue an anti-immigrant, anti-family, anti-reform agenda.

OFA knows how to keep the pressure on — volunteers have organized more than a thousand local immigration reform events so far, and we helped at least one senator find the courage to vote for comprehensive immigration reform.

It’s working.

Thank you, for all of your help — now, let’s make history:

What a week,


Emmy Ruiz
Immigration Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

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cav medic
cav medic
9 years ago

“In the coming week,” you don’t really think we have that long? The WH is pushing to have this gift wrapped and propagandizing ready for the 4th; that’s six days from now.