Organizing for Action’s Propaganda Is Not Going Away

Organizing for Action
Friend —

I have disturbing news. Today we learned about a series of actions coming from leaders in Washington, D.C. that violate our American values.

We learned that they are moving forward with plans to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on an outrageous wall when the border crossings it seeks to block are at some of their lowest levels in decades. They will start punishing sanctuary cities that protect undocumented immigrants. And they’re gearing up for even more actions, like banning refugees or individuals from majority-Muslim countries.

But we are a nation of immigrants. Nearly every one of our families came here from somewhere else. And the diversity, youth, and energy that comes with that has made us the country we are today. Immigrants and refugees have contributed to our communities, paid taxes, and even put their lives on the line to defend our country in the armed forces.

Turning away from others won’t make us stronger. It will undermine what has made our country great for centuries. At moments like these, we need to stand up for our values and stay united in the face of fear and division.

Add your name if you agree that walls, bans, and divisive politics don’t represent us.

We’ve fought for comprehensive immigration reform for years now, from bipartisan bills in Congress to supporting DACA — a program that has granted nearly three-quarters of a million young people who are Americans in every way but on paper the ability to work and contribute to our country.

We won’t be silent now while some at the top erode our American values by targeting the vulnerable.

We’re better than that — our compassion and ability to welcome newcomers is an example to the world.

Everyone has a role to play in building this country, neighborhood by neighborhood, and town by town — no matter what your last name is, what your religion is, or where your family came from.

That’s what we believe. Say you do, too.



Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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