Our Side Is Now Participating in Cancel Culture

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Never forget that the most important founder of our country slaughtered sleeping men on Christmas

Based! Happy Birthday, sir

from Gab


The above post on Gab was retweeted multiple times and the comments were just as ignorant. However, this account of the Battle of Trenton is not true:

When Hessian soldiers garrisoned in the center of town heard the first round of firing on
the heights above, they quickly assembled and marched up King Street. Their destination
was Colonel Rall’s headquarters, located in Stacy Potts’ house which once stood here –
on the present site of St. Mary’s Rectory. Here, upon the erroneous advice of a lieutenant
who reported that the Americans had surrounded the town, Colonel Rall made the fateful
decision to attack the American positions rather than retreat. Thus, on December 26,
1776 this was the battlefield. Some of the heaviest fighting happened right here, in
Trenton’s streets – among houses, stores, and churches.

While Rall consulted with his lieutenants at his headquarters, American forces moved
down the hill and entered the village through lots and alleys, assuming positions in
houses and outbuildings. From inside the houses, the American infantry fired on the
Hessians as the American artillery continued to fire from the high ground. Despite
difficult conditions caused by the continuing winter storm, the Americans were fighting
with a resolve the Hessians had not seen before.

In an effort to regroup, Colonel Rall led his troops out of the line of fire and rallied his
infantry behind St. Michael’s Church which is located across the street from where you
now stand. From there, Rall’s troops attempted an attack on the American flank but were
rebuffed and thrown back into the streets of Trenton. A struggle broke out right here in
front of Rall’s headquarters where the Americans overtook the Hessians and captured two
of the enemy’s cannon. The sounds of battle echoed through the streets of Trenton – the
heavy boom of artillery, the crash of shattering glass, the relentless roar of musketry and
the cries of wounded soldiers. American Colonel Henry Knox wrote, “here succeeded a
scene of war of which I had often conceived but never saw before. The hurry, fright and
confusion of the enemy was [not] unlike that which will be when the last trump shall
sound.” Knox would later be promoted to Brigadier General on account of his actions
here in Trenton.

I do not know the purpose of the Gab post and normally would let it go by as ignorance. Except that several people reposted it as a fact and it is making the rounds among the freedom folk. Why are we now cancelling our own culture with false information? Please be aware that any comments will be fact checked for accuracy.

David DeGerolamo


The gay representation of General Washington in the above graphic did not go unnoticed.

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tom finley
tom finley
2 months ago

Thank you for setting things right.

2 months ago

I am not sure if it was true that it would be wrong. The Bible is full of accounts on how to fight and win battles. This idea what war can be a civil matter is a crock. War is a dirty business that should be avoided until all other means are exhausted. Once initiated should be violent, merciless and utterly destructive to the enemy and all those that support them. This hearts and mind crap has never won a war.