Our Two-Tiered Justice System Has Killed the Republic

Our government is no longer based on the rule of law: we now have a two-tiered system of justice based on race, political ideology, power and religion. The most egregious example was Eric Holder’s decision not to prosecute “his people” for voter intimidation in Philadelphia. This one case opened the floodgates for injustice in America. Other examples:

1. IRS attacks on Tea Party, 912 Project and Patriot groups.

2. DHS terrorist list: including returning veterans and people who support the Constitution.

3. William Zimmerman.

4. FEMA assistance in New Orleans vs. Hurricane Sandy/midwest tornadoes.

5. FBI giving outreach to Muslim groups instead of investigating them for terrorism as outlined by Robert Mueller in Congressional Hearings.

6. Food stamp, disability and unemployment benefits are redistributing Americans’ wealth at an unprecedented level.

7. The NDAA legalizes the detention of Americans without due process based on suspicion.

8. The attorney general does not enforce federal immigration laws and files lawsuits on states upholding federal immigration statutes.

9. Banks are forced to provide mortgages for unqualified applicants.

10. The new immigration legislation pending in Congress outlines a two-tiered justice system for illegal aliens vs. citizens.

11. Jon Corzine is not charged for stealing private funds from M.F. Global.

12. J.P. Morgan manipulates silver pricing.

13. Rep. Menendez of New Jersey uses his office to cover up his sexual escapades.

Without the rule of law, there is no Republic. The first step to regain our Liberty under natural law is to remove the chains of tyranny. All men are created equal. Period.

David DeGerolamo

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