Patriot Dictionary

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation.

Here is the beginning for a Patriot Dictionary. Feel free to submit suggestions.

Patriot Expression Government Translation
2nd Amendment Gun Control Legislation
Bible Koran
Bill of Rights Social Justice
Christian Right Wing Extremist
Domestic Enemy Elected Official
Economic Collapse Reset
Fast & Furious Phony Scandal
Free Market Capitalism Fair Share
Illegal Alien Undocumented Worker
Illegal Domestic Surveillance National Security
Equal Justice Racist
Militarization of the Police Public Safety
Morality Gay Rights
Muslim Extremist Muslim Brotherhood
Patriot Domestic Terrorist
Redistribution Entitlements
Rule of Law Rule of Man
The Constitution of the United States Executive Orders
Tribute Taxes
Tyranny Government Safety Net

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8 years ago

Economic Boost = Food Stamps
Domestic Oil Drilling = Climate Change!
Beautiful August Weather = Climate Change!
Rodeo Clown = Racist Domestic Terrorist