Paul Valone of GRNC on New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

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Paul Valone of GRNC Discusses New NC Gun Rights Law (HB 937)

After months of political game playing and puerile posturing, the North Carolina Legislature finally passed HB 937, and it has been signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory.

HB 937 (entitled “Amend Various Firearms Laws”) is a major advance in North Carolina to protect the 2nd Amendment Rights guaranteed to each of us by The Constitution.


In summary, the primary provisions of HB 937 allow persons with a valid concealed carry permit to possess and carry a firearm as follows:

  1. in restaurants serving alcohol as long as the person with the firearm does not consume alcohol and is not himself intoxicated
  2. in venues that charge admission such as movie theaters and concerts
  3. in parades and funerals
  4. on educational property and state-owned property (certain conditions apply)

The law also provides for other protections:


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