People Are Rebelling Against Lockdowns, Masks Worldwide


  • The Delta variant has a very low 0.2% case fatality rate (CFR) in the U.K., which drops to 0.03% in those under 50, yet is being used as impetus for COVID-19 restrictions
  • The public, increasingly fed up with the contradictory guidelines and mandates, is speaking out against the draconian measures that are being reinstated
  • In July 2021, more than 160,000 people, including 11,000 in Paris, protested in France against the “health pass,” the country’s version of a vaccine passport
  • Demonstrations against Italy’s similar Green Pass have popped up in Rome, Naples and Turin, with people calling for freedom and chanting “down with the dictatorship”
  • Thousands of protestors also turned up to rebel against extended lockdown orders in Australia and, in India, hundreds of people joined a Freedom Rally to protest COVID lockdowns and mandatory masks, vaccination and COVID testing
  • In the U.S., more than 100 people protested outside the Iowa State Capitol against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, while advocacy groups in California filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and health officials to challenge COVID restrictions in kindergarten through grade 12 schools

COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to set you free and bring life back to what it looked like in 2019 — no masks, no lockdowns and freedom for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

Along those lines, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their guidelines May 13, 2021, to state that vaccinated individuals no longer needed to wear a mask outdoors and in most spaces indoors1 but, July 27, 2021, they changed the guidance to once again recommend masks for vaccinated people while indoors in areas with “high” or “substantial” COVID-19 transmission.2

This time, the about-face about masks — even for the vaccinated — was blamed on the Delta variant of the virus.

At this point, however, with effective treatments like ivermectin available, the documented high survival rate of COVID-193 and knowledge that if you’ve had COVID-19, you’re already likely immune to further infection, the rationale for further restrictions is questionable — and even more so when you consider the Delta variant has a very low 0.27% case fatality rate (CFR) in the U.K., which drops to 0.03% in those under 50.4

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1 month ago

“the Delta variant has a very low 0.27% case fatality rate (CFR) in the U.K., which drops to 0.03% in those under 50.4”

Thats a CFR triple that of the Flu. And, if half the population were over 50 (they aren’t) would mean a CFR of 3% for those over 50, which is more than the 1918 Spanish Flu. As much less than 50% of the population is over 50, the CFR for the Delta variant (how are they testing for which variant?) would actually be much higher for those over 50.

The point is, these numbers are fake. Because the PCR test is still used almost universally, the cases and infections are fake. The fatalities are doubly fake as they include all deaths with a positive (flawed) PCR test, regardless of showing causation.

As such these numbers — ostensibly seeming to dismiss the severity of Covid — are almost certainly OVER-stating its danger by orders of magnitude.
Stop “helping”

fed poast
fed poast
1 month ago
Reply to  antimercola

There NEVER was a covid danger, it doesn’t exist so state it as such.
The reality is a typical cold or a typical flu has always been and will continue to be a danger to that small percentage of the population with serious co-morbidity issues. This is the reality everyday of every year.
This is why you don’t take a grandchild with the flu to visit 89 yr. old Grandma if she’s trying to recover from phenomena.
There never was a pandemic to speak of, intentionally false use of PCR tests or not.
Stop talking like there is ANYTHING going on other than intentional lies & planning for depopulation via “vaccine”.

robert orians
robert orians
1 month ago

The 1% ivermectin you buy at TSC and Ruralking for cattle ,goats, etc the human dose is one tenth of a cc for every 11 pounds you weigh . It is not a critical measurement as ivermectin is tolerated well at overdosage . 180 pounds divided by 11 is 16.36 so I will round it up to 17 tenths which is of course one and seven tenths a cc . It is taken orally and reported to taste rather nasty by my goats anyways . I keep 3cc syringes and also the diabetic 1cc that is divided into tenths of a cc here for my critters which are both cheap at the drug or farm store .

1 month ago

Its the “Deep State” and it is worldwide!