Plainclothes cops open fire on pizza delivery driver who suspects he is being robbed

Philippe Holland's car was riddled with bullets from police as he tried to deliver a cheeseburger.  (Source: Joseph Kaczmarek / The Inquirer)

PHILADELPHIA, PA — A young man was riddled with bullets while delivering a small food order.  When 2 strange men demanded that he stop for them while walking on a dark street, he bolted for his car.   The men turned out to be police officers dressed in plainclothes, and they responded to his flight attempt with a hail of gunfire.

Philippe Holland had been working two jobs in Philadelphia, one as a pizza delivery driver for Slices & More, the other at an airport restaurant. For his last delivery on Tuesday night, a cheeseburger deluxe, the delivery was so small that he didn’t carry his pizza delivery bag. Had he known that he would be shot by police three times a few moments later, the hoodie-wearing 20-year-old most likely would have carried the bag.

Holland delivered the cheeseburger late on April 22nd, and walked back to his gold Ford Taurus, his hoodie was up and his hands were in his pockets. Two plainclothes officers who were responding to a gunshot call a few blocks away approached him. The officers asked Holland to stop, but Holland didn’t stop. In fact, he rushed to his car and started hurriedly driving. It is believed Holland thought he was being robbed.


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7 years ago

PA. Supreme Court rules cops no longer need warrants to search vehicles..