Police Break Into Private Home Without a Warrant and Tase Residents (Cotati California)

From YouTube:

COTATI, CA — Police are called out to an apartment for a noise compliant by the neighbors. The three occupants inside non-aggressively exercise their fourth amendment right, refusing the police entry as they demand at gun point to let them inside without a search warrant or probable cause.

h/t Matt Bracken

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8 years ago

The constant internet chatter about what scum police are is doing nothing but furthering our Socialist enemies goals. Like I have said before, do you want to win the coming conflict?
Take a few minutes and listen to someone who knows well what I am saying;

Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
8 years ago

This documentary reveals the methods employed by those who subvert.

8 years ago

I wonder why the MSM who have been so busy for years in collusion covering up the numerous Obama crimes and scandals, are now busy trying to smoke out every bad cop story they can find and “patriots” all over the blogs are playing cheerleader? Really, MSM one of our avowed enemies ? Can you say, All Part Of The Agenda and useful idiots ?
It will be very convenient when SHTF to have the public enraged at the police and police of the mindset that “Its them or us” when in the end it will mean the end of all of us, police, patriots, preppers, constitutionalists, libertarians, every one who does not bow to the emperor.
Wake up Americans, they have been playing this game a lot longer than you have known and if you don’t stop unwittingly supporting them, they are going to win.