Frank Roche has written a commentary (reprinted below) that we should all consider. I agree with his point concerning solutions. If we are not providing or supporting solutions, then the problems will not be solved and the complaining will continue. Imagine a world where politicians actually did what they were elected to do and provide solutions to problems. After a period of time, no problems would exist as would the need for politicians. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy or “never let a crisis go to waste” mentality. Solutions are easy, the sacrifices to implement them are not.

Do we want to be like Greece? Or are we already worse than Greece as reported this week? The question is really simple: will we stand up for our future or will we sit back and complain?

David DeGerolamo

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Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste


June 17, 2011

For those interested in public policy generally, and the political process specifically, they from time to time come to realize complaining and the negative outlook tends to dominate the conversation.  It grows so tiresome.  One must consciously and regularly disconnect from their passion of bringing about a greater more prosperous society to avoid being emotionally dragged down by that which motivates them.

Complain, complain, complain.  Find the negative, find the negative, find the negative.

When the Dems are in control, Republicans and their private sector cohorts complain incessantly.  When Republicans are in control, Democrats and their private sector cohorts complain incessantly.  For those who recognize both sides of the isle are complicit in many of the challenges facing Americans today, they complain incessantly about both Republicans and Democrats.

To some degree it is understandable.  We recognize a problem, we analyze the problem, we formulate policy to overcome the problem.  Often times we can’t agree if there is a problem, and if we do we can’t agree on the problem itself, yet if we do and formulate policy to tackle the problem we again disagree on policy formulation and then the execution of the policy.  The cycle of complaining can be non-stop.

Unless of course we focus on solutions.  Solutions can turn the conversation in a more positive direction.  This is a tough choice for political candidates.  The current paradigm of campaigning for public office seems to hold up complaining as the best way to get heard.  Though, as we all know from growing up through childhood, complaining often times makes things worse.  In politics it is similar, the constant complaining can make things worse by bumming out the electorate and establishing fear as a motivating factor for action.  Sure, the squeaky wheel does get the grease, but not always.

Complaining traps the complainer in a circle of more and more complaining each time the problem becomes obvious.  Politicians and their cohorts are constant complainers.  No wonder the electorate tends to disconnect.

Stating a problem and offering a detailed solution is the type of rhetoric most needed in America today.  I’ll start here at the Roche Record.

Oh, wait, you may have noticed, this blog is a complaint.

OK, starting now: solutions, not complaints.

Frank Roche

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