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Real Inflation in the USA is Already a Threshold Hyperinflationary 8.7%. Witness MEGA #1.

If you are in a deeply indebted Country in the Developed or Developing World, there is now a probability that your Bank Deposits will be confiscated. First Cyprus. Now Japan. Tomorrow (Your Country?) Witness MEGA #2.

Also WARNING is the recently begun Uptrend in the U.S. Interest Rates. The U.S. 10-year yield has moved up to near 2.25% – a 50ish basis point move in the past few weeks. Any Significant Equities Takedown should temporarily halt or reverse the Uptrend. But inflation is intensifying and the weakening Treasury Securities trend is in place nonetheless. The Bond Bubble is closer to Bursting. Witness MEGA #3.

Robert McHugh explains:

“On Friday, we got the latest phony Jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Labor Department. The BLS reported without blushing that the U.S. economy created 175,000 new jobs in May. This occurred while the unemployment rate did not change, remaining at 7.6 percent. How is this possible? The truth? According to the BLS’s own CESBD report, where they guess how many jobs were created by new businesses they think may have started that month, and then they add this estimated make believe figure to the count that gets reported to us as the new jobs number, huge fudge numbers were added to their count. In April, 2013, the BLS reported that 149,000 net new U.S. jobs were created. But, they also reported that 193,000 of these were a guess on their part of new jobs they hope were created by new business that probably started up in April. Which means the actual count showed the U.S. lost 44,000 net jobs in April (149,000 minus 193,000 fudged figure). For May, the actual count showed that the U.S. lost 30,000 net jobs (175,000 reported less 205,000 fudged figure). This helps explain why unemployment is not going down. The true new jobs created figures are vastly overstated by the BLS. The numbers they reported the past two months are pure hogwash.


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