‘Preppers’ say Obama ‘has divided us on a course for civil war’

President Obama has pushed the “prepper movement” into high gear, sending millions to buy guns, survival gear and food to live through a “civil war,” according to a nationally known survivalist who calls on Americans to prepare in a new book.

Bryce M. Towsley, whose “Prepper Guns” details the best weapons and ammo to survive a political or natural disaster, wrote, “I have watched in horror as Obama has attacked America with the brilliance that has allowed him to succeed.”

The National Rifle Association field editor and a well-known survivalist said he is calling on Americans to be ready for a situation in which authorities can’t be trusted.


h/t Matt Bracken

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5 years ago

Obama is only a failure if you believe he is a true American. Once you discover he is an enemy of the state, you realize how successful he has been.

5 years ago

our problem as usual is beleiving there is a political solution .our founders knew there was no political solution .they knew the only way was by not bowing to the authority that was perceived by the king