Preserving Our Freedom: Nullification vs Article V Constitutional Convention

by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

The United States of America is a nation in trouble and in decline. We continue to travel down a path that is the very antithesis of the principles on which our country was founded. The bold entrepreneurial spirit that fueled our growth and prosperity is now maligned and punished, and the rugged individualism of the frontier is scorned, while collectivism and mediocrity is praised and mandated.

Only the truly ignorant or those totally disconnected from truth and logic fail to understand the consequences of what is happening.

Our nation is ensnared in the Death Spiral that has destroyed dozens of societies before us over the course of history.

Trapped in a Spiral of Debt, one month we use our national Visa Card to pay the interest on our MasterCard; the next, we use the national MasterCard to pay the interest on our Visa.

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. ~John Adams, 1826


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