President Obama and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

President Obama says he has five more years to press for comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty.   He also criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “So far, have we haven’t seen him support comprehensive immigration reform,” the president said.  He continued, “In fact, their leading candidate said he would veto even the Dream Act.”    In my opinion the Dream Act is a bad dream for citizens.  Why allow illegal immigrants to take slots in our colleges [not to mention our children will lose one for one if illegals are accepted], given going to college is a selection process, when illegals cannot legally work in the USA.

Cook County, IL [Chicago area] news from FAIR:

While Ms. Preckwinkle, County Board President, has agreed to meet with Morton at DHS about their sanctuary policies towards illegals in Cook County [Chicago area] and discuss this matter, her comment regarding this important policy is enough to leave anyone who seeks to uphold and enforce this country’s laws speechless:

“What is troubling to me … is a policy which treats people differently under the law solely based on their immigration status.”

Folks, the above about says it all.

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Ron Woodard
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