Pro-Palestinian Activists, Occupy Oakland and Incompetent Local Government

Occupy Oakland demonstrators shield themselves during a confrontation with the police in Oakland (Reuters / Stephen Lam)

According to the book “Megatrends”, California is a bellwether state for the entire country. If this is still true, the events in Oakland foreshadow the successful implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy for the United States. The Occupy Oakland movement is no longer content to represent the “99%” here: they are now “overwhelmingly” supporting an Israeli boycott.

Let’s stop and think about this. Who is supporting and financing this “movement”? The Democrat leadership in Washington supports them. Here is California’s Nancy Pelosi asking God to bless them:

George Soros was called in for a private discussion by Ray Kelly (New York City’s Police Commissioner) to keep OWS in line. So we see Soros financing, Democrat support and now Palestinian infiltration. California is bankrupt, has high unemployment, has weak/incompetent political leaders and now violent civil unrest. What is Mayor Quan’s solution to the Occupy Oakland riots?

“I plan to call some of the national leadership of Occupy this week to say that the Oakland group is not nonviolent and has not agreed to be nonviolent,” Quan tells KCBS. “The national Occupy movement has said they are nonviolent.”

What do we get when we mix civil unrest, Islamic terrorists, an economic collapse and incompetent politicians? The updated Cloward-Piven strategy in conjunction with Van Jones’ plan:

A quick recap:

  1. Occupy Wall Street violence and property damage in Oakland
  2. Islamic infiltration of OWS
  3. Anti-Israel as part of the OWS demands
  4. Incompetent local government response
  5. Economic collapse in California
  6. Democrat support of OWS
  7. Financing by George Soros and labor unions

These factors will lead to the top down response against these “useful idiots” by the national government to “save the country“. We saw this before in Germany, Italy and Russia. What will the promised “US Spring” bring our country in this critical election year?

David DeGerolamo

For additional comments, read this article on Tea Party Nation

Occupy chapter votes to support Israel boycott

The Oakland, Calif., chapter of the US Occupy movement overwhelmingly endorsed a proposal in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

According to Twitter accounts by pro-Palestinian activists pushing the proposal, the statement won nearly unanimous backing in a vote Wednesday following a brief discussion. A lengthy statement on the Occupy Oakland website attacked US aid to Israel and suggested that Israel had “prodded” the United States into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Oakland branch of the Occupy movement, which focuses on what it sees as economic discrepancies in the United States, has become increasingly visible for its refusal to repudiate violent action and clashes with the police. Last month, members of the movement broke into the Oakland City Hall and set fire to public property, including an American flag. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the branch’s actions have caused a schism within the movement.


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