Protecting the Individual Citizen

Second Amendment

Who will protect us when government becomes the enemy of the sovereign man?

As the federal government increasingly disregards the Constitution and the Natural Law Rights it protects and secures for We the People, who will stand in the breach?

When the transition from public servant to tyrant is complete and the totalitarian police state becomes a reality, who will be the defenders of individual freedom?

There was a time when men acted with a clarity of moral duty and sacred honor that did not require a list, rule, or regulation.  Because it was natural and expected, men like our founding fathers were willing to risk life, liberty, and property to secure individual liberty for future generations.

Pierre Corneille, a seventeenth century French poet and dramatist wrote, “Every man of courage is a man of his word.”

Since the founding of our nation, millions of our fellow citizens have served in the military, law enforcement, public office, and other areas of public trust, pledging the following solemn oath to begin their service:


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8 years ago

We are not without precedents when the time comes. Before we fall into the pit of anarchy you will see this successful example repeated. True story which happened in our lifetime. Take notes.