Pure Excrement, by Robert Gore


Let’s call a turd a turd.

America’s largest corporations are run by unprincipled, gutless cowards. They are publicly embracing an ideology that holds that they and everything they do are evil and which would turn them into, at best, state functionaries whose work and existence are at the sufferance of arbitrary masters. After decades of compromise to creeping, now galloping collectivism, they have nothing left to compromise. They’ve become willing accomplices to mindless malice that will obliterate them and their businesses. Full partners in their own destruction, they’ll deserve it.

There are three ways to obtain goods and services: production, trade, or theft (including theft by fraud). The first two are the domain of capitalism, the last is the province of various ideologies asserting a collective’s right to the lives and everything else of the individual. Yes, political philosophy is that simple. It serves the interests of intellectual con artists to make it more complex, the diversion while they steal your money and your life. Humanity’s steps forward have been the fruits of production and trade; its steps backward the toxic weeds of its rulers’ theft and violence.

Businesses produce and trade. Consequently, it’s in the long-term interest of business people to defend the principles necessary for production and exchange: freedom and its economic expression—capitalism—and a political system that fully protects individual rights and strictly limits the power and scope of government. Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago in this country, the occasional protest from a business person drowned out by the chorus cheering the latest accretion of government power and diminution of liberty, hoping to profit or at least shelter from it.


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enn ess
enn ess
1 month ago

He’s exactly right as is obvious in the jab or get fired mandates perpetrated by a good percentage of them. Most all with large labor forces. They are so indebted and controlled by goobermint regulations they fear losing what little business freedoms they have left and so cave to even more dictates. Businesses, especially the lager ones are so controlled and dependent upon the “generosity” of governing regulations they have in effect become State controlled businesses.

1 month ago

Capitalism is theft and was just as easily corrupted as the Constitution. Business and trade cannot be exempted as islands unto themselves, and held up as pious goalposts of a society, simply because they had the financial backing to get where they are, or even providing a necessary public service. How many people each day are shuffled through medical clinics and hospitals, for instance, and told they need a surgery or a treatment that they’re not even properly informed about in its procedural aspects, or given full disclosure as to why they need it and the risks involved, to include medications prescribed? The Covid-19 landscape is very largely a business and trade expression, a wedding festivity of sorts, representative of the church-state hierarchy. If you want money wielded differently, give it to, ensure that it goes to that is, the domestic economy and its functioning, (individuals, artists, geniuses, families, students; academics and skilled labor), then the type and boundaries of businesses will be managed locally, so to speak, and will direct the trade.