Putting Things into Perspective

I just got home from church. Randy Dye was not there: he is currently doing missionary work in the Philippines. However, his wife gave me a quick overview.

Randy gets up in the morning and is transported to a village for the day. Keep in mind that it is summer there so any work is done in hot, humid conditions. The only food he has (and will have) is MREs. After working a full day, his team is transported back to their base. Except for one day where their transportation did not come back and they had to hike back with all of their medical equipment.

Typhoid is a major problem. As are tetanus and gangrene. People are having limbs amputated and the stench of death is inescapable. If you would be kind enough please pray for Randy’s team and the people in the Philippines. He does have limited Internet access in the morning if you want to send him a word of encouragement: Randy Dye <randyedye@aol.com>.

Donations for this mission in the Philippines can be made here.

David DeGerolamo

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7 years ago

Thank you David! I Know he appreciates it as do I.

7 years ago

Horrors I cannot imagine. I hope and pray your friend Randy stays well.