Liberty Is Now Racist


The following study states that opposition to welfare is racist. I think stealing the fruits of one’s labor and redistributed it is morally wrong. We forgot that our Revolution was founded on the proposition of “No Taxation without Representation”. George Washington stated that acceptance of allowing someone to steal the fruits of your labor meant that you were a slave. He would not accept being enslaved so he fought for his Liberty.

Today, the amount of theft by the state and federal governments exceed 50% for working people. It is incredible that anyone who is fighting for Liberty is now considered a racist. Or maybe not. The government, media and now the medical community have proof.

David DeGerolamo

Racism In White Americans Linked To Gun Ownership And Gun Control Opposition

A new study of symbolic racism among white American voters yielded strong links between latent biases toward blacks and increased favor of gun ownership and oppositions toward gun control.

Published in the journal PLoS One, the study used voter data of white Americans that, after accounting for political ideology, income, and education, still revealed startling connections between racism and gun ownership. For every one point increase in symbolic racism — measured on a five-point scale — the chance someone had a gun in the home rose by 50 percent, and the chance the respondent supported policies that allowed people to carry concealed guns rose by 28 percent.

Symbolic racism is less obvious than blatant or overt racism. It deals more with attitudes than actions, suggestions instead of slurs. The blatant racism of Jim Crow laws, which relegated blacks to the backs of buses and subjected them to many other inequalities, have been replaced, the researchers assert, by more discreet forms of discrimination. These are reflected in wide support for policies that statistically hinder blacks, such as longer prison sentences, and opposition to programs that may benefit them, such as welfare.

“We were initially surprised that no one had studied this issue before,” said study co-author Dr. Dermot Lynott, from Lancaster University, in a statement. “However, the U.S. government cut research funding for gun-related research over decade and a half ago, so research in this area has been somewhat suppressed.”


h/t Matt Bracken

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8 years ago

They never seem to draw the obvious conclusions that violence or the threat of same increases the desire for personal protection.. Nope gotta go with racism.. That card is getting pretty tattered from overuse.

8 years ago

No, and I don’t think any rational argument will ever get through to them. I expect that it will take a real WROL situation to prove to them that defensive fire is *always* ‘Equal Opportunity’ -- that is, if you’re a thieving opportunist, you will be subject to it regardless of your race, color, creed, etc.

Calamity will come, for no other reason than that they won’t stop until they achieve it.