Rallies in Afghanistan were largely peaceful with protesters chanting “Death to America”?

Afghans burn an effigy representing President Obama in Ghani Khail, Afghanistan, Feb. 24, 2012, during an anti-U.S. protest over the burning of Korans at a military base. (AP Photo)

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The following excerpt from Emirates247.com is hard for Americans to understand:

Rallies elsewhere in Afghanistan were largely peaceful, however, authorities said, with protesters chanting “Death to America”

Imagine living in a culture where religious doctrine under Sharia Law allows what we would consider to be unspeakable acts to be righteous under Allah. Imagine a culture where women have less rights than animals and inciting riots using “Death to America” is considered to be peaceful. Imagine a president apologizing to this culture.

Iran Daily is reporting that the UN compound in Afghanistan has been set on fire. What is the US goal in Afghanistan? Why can’t we  answer this question after ten years? Our nation’s blood is too valuable to be sacrificed without a reason. I want to have closure on 911 as every American does. Time is now the only treatment to heal this wound since the war in Afghanistan has no clear mission. Is this enough? Unless our “leaders” provide a clear mission with defined objectives to meet this goal, the answer is yes. And that is a telling statement in itself.

If our leaders were goal oriented, the mission would have been completed. Eight years ago. Kicking the can down the road MUST stop in Washington, D.C.  America is at a crossroads: we all know it. This is not about an impotent president, a corrupt Congress and an activist judiciary. This is now about the future of the country. Or to me personally, a free future for our children. Our founding principles do not make a country: our sacred honor carrying out these principles gives our children freedom. The two are not mutually exclusive but we have to understand what is at stake and how to fight for it. Listening to politicians posturing as they enslave us with debt will lead to the same condition in our streets as the scene above in Afghanistan. This cannot be our children’s legacy.

David DeGerolamo

Nato pulls out of Afghan ministries amid protests

Nato and Britain have pulled staff out of Afghan government institutions after the killing of two US military advisers took the death toll from raging anti-US protests to around 30.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for Saturday’s shooting after an incident that forced US President Barack Obama to apologise to the Afghan people.

In a day of violence across the country, a UN compound came under attack by thousands of demonstrators in northeastern Kunduz province, but they were driven back when police fired into the crowd, an AFP correspondent said.

Five people were reported killed in the attack, adding to the death toll from five days of often violent protests at the US-run Bagram airbase.

President Hamid Karzai issued a statement urging demonstrators and Afghan security forces to exercise restraint, saying the government was pressing Washington “on the need to bring to justice the perpetrators of the crime”.


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Jeff Brodhead
9 years ago

Progressive Political Correctness at work.