Real facts on border surge of illegal minors, and solutions

Immigration is not complicated in general but it can become complicated, confusing, and at times emotional.  Our opponents to real immigration enforcement and reform play the emotional card on a routine basis because facts are not on their side.  I decided to gather even more data and facts than usual about the surge of illegal alien minors to our southern border, before commenting.  President Obama plans more end-runs around enforcing our immigration laws and may send illegal aliens and minors from the recent border surge to North Carolina…….

The problem began not because of political strife and fear in the primary sending countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala as promoted by the Obama Administration, but instead because of weak enforcement of our immigration laws, a loosening of assylum procedures pushed by the Obama administration within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and actual amnesties (i.e. DACA, etc) implemented unconstitutionally by President Obama and his ink pen.  Honduran President Juan Hernandez recently said, “border crossers believe they can get amnesty……..and Obama adminstration rhetoric provides this belief”.

Below is recent testimony from the U.S. House Judiciary committe on this matter:

A May 28, 2014, Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Intelligence Report tells a story that is strikingly different than the claimed humanitarian crisis the Administration paints as responsible for the surge.  The report summarized interviews conducted with hundreds of apprehended Central Americans minors and quite frankly paints a very different picture of the situation.

According to the report, when these individuals were asked why they made the journey to the United States, approximately 95% indicated that the main reason was to take advantage of the “new” U.S. “law” that grants a “free pass” or permit (referred to as “permisos”) being issued by the U.S. government to women traveling with minors and unaccompanied alien minors. While no new law has been enacted, the truth is that the Administration has dramatically altered immigration enforcement policies.  The timing of the change in policies correlates closely with the steep uptick of individuals showing up at the border.  Apparently, word has gotten out that once encountered by Border Patrol agents and processed, thanks to this Administration’s lax enforcement policies, one will likely never be removed.

Word has spread to the Americas and beyond that the Obama Administration has taken unprecedented, and likely unconstitutional, steps in order to shut down the enforcement of our immigration laws for millions of unlawful and criminal aliens not considered high “priorities,” especially minors and adults with minors.  The world seems to know that DHS refuses to enforce the law under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion.” The beneficiaries of these policies even include many thousands of aliens who have been arrested by state and local law enforcement or convicted criminals who have been put in removal proceedings and who DHS has simply let back onto our streets.

And now those beneficiaries include those minors and families who continue to arrive at our border and the Administration ushers in via “100% reverse escorts” into the interior of the United States.  Most are ultimately released, often into the hands of those who paid smugglers to bring them here in the first place.

In addition to simply not pursuing removable aliens, DHS has been granting hundreds of thousands of administrative legalization and work authorizations.  DHS does this under many guises, invoking doctrines with esoteric names such as “deferred action” and “parole-in-place”.  The net effect of these policies has been described by former ICE Acting Director John Sandweg — “If you are a run-of-the mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero . . . .”  Apparently, those arriving at our borders now know this.

It would also appear that illegal immigrant advocacy groups in the USA are providing information in the form of sentences to repeat at the border which would trigger an assylum claim and access to an attorney at additional US taxpayer expense.  Mexico of course is participating in the ruse by not controlling either their southern or northern borders……surprise.   U.S. DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, when asked in a U.S. House committee hearing recently about how many aliens (adults and minors) had been released due to the recent border surge but ordered to appear later in court on their own recognizance, said he does not know.  These persons will NOT appear in court, as the Border Patrol does not have an address in the USA for them.

One of many sad facts is that a number of alien women and minors are being abused, raped, or sold to near slavery by “coyotes” who promise to take then to our southern border, encouraged by a lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and the expectation of an amnesty.  Be aware the TV media in their attempt to yet again distort the situation and create sympathy are usually showing very young alien children on our TV screens, when in fact the Center for Immigration Studies has documentation that 83% of the “minors” are over 14 years of age.   What is NOT reported by the TV media as it relates to the border surge is as follows:  the illegal alien adults and minors are being provided for and treated better than most of the homeless women and chilren in the USA and treated better than our veterans in the Veteran’s Administration hospitals, and every dollar being provided to support the illegal aliens is one less dollar ultimately going to our own poor, and because of the amnesties such as DACA already allowed by the Obama administration there are a couple of hundred thousand legal immigrant green card holders ready for citizenship but waiting another year for their paperwork to be completed, and the immigration courts in the USA had 30,000 court cases backlogged that we know of before the recent border surge crisis.

The solution to this mess involves numerous actions because we have to take a stand for once:  yes it would also be painful for us but enough of Mexico’s refusal to control their southern border so we should tell the Mexican government we will drastically slow traffic through official border crossings with Mexico within ten days and in addition to hurting their economy for their inaction this will reduce the number of persons attempting to illegally cross their southern border (the total balance of trade between the USA and Mexico is now 25% to Mexico’s advantage and a larger part of their overall trade…..not including illegal drugs, so this would hurt Mexico much much more than the USA); Mexico is allowed the most persons to move to the USA (legal immigrants) than any other sending country…….reduce one for one for each illegal immigrant crossing their southern border, use the National Guard immediately at our southern border, cutoff aid to countries who are allowing their citizens in large numbers to leave without permission to enter the USA, swiftly deport and transport illegals and minors to the three primary Central American “surge” sending countries instead of releasing them into the USA, cutoff aid and deny travel and other visas to countries who may attempt to refuse to take back their citizens who are deported from the USA, and start a serious effort to inform immediately the citizenry (with the help of the host country) of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras that deportation will be swift and sure if they arrive illegally in the USA, and a novel idea for sure is to start enforcing our existing immigration laws in the USA.  Another action would be for States such as North Carolina to start doing their part, in ways States can take action, to discourage illegal aliens from coming here for starts by having a serious E-Verify state law…….illegal aliens know the states weak on any enforcement and ultimately the word gets back and a State becomes part of the problem instead of part of the solution.  Call your members of Congress and demand enforcement action on the southern border surge and mention how a lack of real enforcement is the root cause of the border surge.  Call your members of the NC House and NC Senate and let them know their do-nothing attitude on illegal immigration (lack of a serious E-Verify law) is not helping the situation.   Send this information to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156

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8 years ago

This sickness is only news to the news media and Dancing with the Stars crowd..

The politicians know where the people stand on illegal immigration but

Univision has boasted on air ‘WE ARE 50 MILLION STRONG’